At Neelkanth IVF, everything we do is in the spirit of our values


    • We apply the highest standards of ethical behavior & practice.
    • We are honest, transparent & open with our patients, our clients & each other.
    • We respect every individual’s right to privacy & confidentiality.

    • We strive to achieve the highest standards in everything we do.
    • We aim to deliver consistently high levels of compassionate care & personal attention.
    • We actively manage risk by evaluating our work practices.

    We are accountable to our patients, our colleagues, our doctors & the community, all of whom have a stake in our future.

    • We take responsibility for our actions
    • We value & respond to feedback
    • We focus on solutions & results
    • We are committed to developing & supporting each other.

    We develop & deliver new & better ways of meeting our patients’, our colleagues’, our doctors’ & our clients’ needs.

    • We stretch ourselves to continually improve what we do & how we do it.
    • We strive to be the leaders in our field through active research & development.

    • We are passionate about our people, our business & our brand.
    • We are proud of who we are & what we do.
    • We are committed to each other our collective goals.
    • We celebrate our achievements.

Why Choose Neelkanth Fertility & Women Care Hospital

  • We have the most advanced technologies available worldwide. We have best Closed Working Modular Labs, Primo Vision-Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring System, Laser Hatching, Cell incubators, Embryo Freezing, etc.

  • Every couple is treated with personal warmth, especially women. They are made comfortable to feel at home. Personal care and attention are given to them.

  • We focus strongly on the physical fitness of to-be-moms. Yoga, meditation, light exercises are the part of the daily routine so that they remain physically active and stress-free.

  • The team at Neelkanth Fertility and Women Care Hospital have put smiles on faces of numerous couple in our 13+ years of journey. We have the highest success rate among all IVF Clinics/Hospitals in India.

  • We strive to get the best possible results by the best Embryologists, who has successfully delivered smiles to thousands of couples.

  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. You can be assured of best quality and the hygienic medical environment when you visit us.


  • To bring smiles on at least a million couples.
  • To make IVF technology affordable & reachable to the masses.
  • To make people “Realize the dream of motherhood”.


  • To provide medical & scientific services that will strengthen people’s capacity to have healthy children, and to do so responsibly.
  • In working with the people who seek our services, always to respect their & their children’s need for knowledge & confidentiality.
  • To strengthen our patient’s welfare & relationships, whatever the reproductive outcome or their family circumstances.
  • To achieve these goals in a personal, compassionate, non-discriminatory & cost-effective way.
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