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Real Testimonials with photographs

We were married for more than 4 years and had undergone so many IUI cycles and laparoscopies at Udaipur and Ahemdabad. We decided to continue treatment with Neelkanth IVF Centre, Udaipur and I conceived after IVF in the very 1st attempt. We were blessed with a baby boy on 12.07.2012

I (Richa Jain) am from Delhi staying at Bhilwara after marriage. Having mat Dr. Simi Sood of the 1st time, I realized that I could trust her blindly. She was so compassionate and understanding that she has become a family to me. We underwent IVF-ET with in vitro maturation as I was suffering from PCOD. I conceived and delivered a baby girl in March 2012

I (Asha Mahawar) was 40 years old and premenopausal. I have lost all hope of becoming a mother in this life time. We underwent IVF and I become a proud mother of my angel baby girl.


I (Manju Arya), age 37 years staff nurse at PHC Chittorgarh (Rajasthan) after losing all hope, due to scarred uterus, Iunderwent hysteroscopic adhesiolysis followed by IVF at Neelkanth Fertility Hospital, Udaipur and was blessed with twin daughter. I am thankful to Dr. Sood and all staff.


Shashi Singh 39 years from Kota after many failed IVF cycles at Indore, conceived into us at Neelkanth Fertility Hospital and was blessed with twin boys , What a delight to watch them.


Twins of Neelu Sharma from Nathdwara who conceived & delivered at Neelkanth Fertility Hospital, Udaipur. Came to visit us after 3rd birthday. A treat to watch them bloom.

I (Sapna Malviya) and Cheta Ram Malviya will indebted to Dr.SimiSood throughout our life. I had been dignosed premature ovarian failure and small uterus by the fertility experts in Delhi. I underwent 3 IVF cycles in Delhi and was finally told ruthlessly by Doctor’s that I can never be a mother. It was the end of the road for us, but my sister in law Arti Singh who had undergone IVF with Dr. Sood at Neelkanth Test Tube Baby Centre had undaunting faith in her. She called me to Udaipur and after doing the necessary investigations Dr.Sood told me to hang on the hope. She did IVF-ET with egg donation and I conceived with second attempt and give birth to a healthy baby girl one year back.

Mrs. Kamlesh aged 55 years and Mr. Ramgopal Didvania age 60 years had lost all hope of becoming parents in this lifetime. Mrs. Kamlesh was suffering from hypertension and severe Rheumatoid arthritis for which she was on constant medication.

They came to Neelkanth Fertility Hospital at Udaipur for IVF, luckily she conceived with IVF-ET in the 1st cycle. It was an unbelievable moment for them and for us as well, as the pregnancy period of 9 months was also very difficult for us to manage. Finally she delivered a healthy baby boy on 09.05.12


I ( Arvind Dave) and my wife Mrs. Priti were married for 20 years. I being the only child of my parents was deprived of the happiness of a baby in their lives. Priti conceived after IVF at Neelkanth Fertility Hospital , Udaipur after a prolonged period of taking treatment cycles at Ahemdabad and Mumbai. We are grateful to Team of Neelkanth Fertility Hospital…

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