Why Choose Neelkanth Fertility & Women Care Hospital

  • We have the most advanced technologies available worldwide. We have best Closed Working Modular Labs, Primo Vision-Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring System, Laser Hatching, Cell incubators, Embryo Freezing, etc.

  • Every couple is treated with personal warmth, especially women. They are made comfortable to feel at home. Personal care and attention are given to them.

  • We focus strongly on the physical fitness of to-be-moms. Yoga, meditation, light exercises are the part of the daily routine so that they remain physically active and stress-free.

  • The team at Neelkanth Fertility and Women Care Hospital have put smiles on faces of numerous couple in our 13+ years of journey. We have the highest success rate among all IVF Clinics/Hospitals in India.

  • We strive to get the best possible results by the best Embryologists, who has successfully delivered smiles to thousands of couples.

  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. You can be assured of best quality and the hygienic medical environment when you visit us.

Our Award Winning Lab



We employ the best people dedicated to giving you the best chance of making your family.

At Neelkanth Fertility & Women Care Hospital, your doctor (fertility expert) will always attend to give you personally at each stage of treatment. Your psychological counselor will be always available to you. There will always be nursing staff who are familiar with both of you & your case available 24 hours a day. You will also meet the embryologist who will be working with your doctor & nurses to assure the best-personalized care & support throughout your time at Neelkanth Fertility & Women Care Hospital. Specialized counseling services are also available to you throughout your treatment.

To give patients a picture of how effective our treatment can be, we’ve taken a snapshot of all women who began treatment with us over a two year period & looked at how things have worked out for them to date.

Note that quite a number of patients are still undergoing treatment or are currently pregnant, so these results will continue to improve.

Our Technologies

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