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    Achievements of Neelkanth Fertility & Women Care Hospital

    1st Test Tube Baby of South Rajasthan.

    1st Test Tube Baby by embryo bank OF South Rajasthan.

    1st Test Tube Baby by IVF-In Vitro Maturation.

    First NABH Certified IVF center in Rajasthan

    10,000+ IVF successful pregnancies till date.

    Neelkanth fertility hospital works on the motto “Maximize the result and Minimise the cost”
    Our simple and holistic approach will make the treatment easier and…..

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    Here at NEELKANTH, we have a team of one of the most experienced doctors in the IVF field, click on read more below to see the qualification and experience of our doctors.

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    Best IVF Center In India

    The Neelkanth IVF center In India is providing you with the chance to fill your home with the chuckles and weeps of a baby if you are unable to experience the blessing of raising a child. Neelkanth Fertility & Women Care Hospital is the best IVF Center in India, Offering the best IVF treatments and services, we are the top choice for couples looking for the best IVF center with success rates that are among the highest in the country.

    We provide services to both men and women, including

    • IVF (in vitro fertilisation)
    • IMSI-RI-UK (intra-cytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection)
    • Blastocyst culture techniques
    • S.V. (oosight spindle view)
    • LAH (laser assisted hatching)
    • IUI (intra – uterine insemination)
    • Vitrification
    • Sperm and embryo banks

    When you visit our centre, it is our duty to offer the following:

    Professional Support

    The IVF centre features a qualified staff of IVF doctors with diverse specialties. These knowledgeable experts can offer assistance with their professional advice. Patients can be confident in the success and outcomes of IVF because experienced specialists are handling the treatment.

    Exceptional Services

    A famous facility must sustain a certain level of service quality. The top IVF specialists at these facilities will ensure that you receive the best care possible without sacrificing the standard of the services they provide. They strive to uphold their center’s reputation and are aware of the value of quality.

    Support and Advice

    The couple will require some help and direction from the doctor and the facility during the IVF treatment. Problems with infertility can stress out couples who have been trying to conceive for a long time. You can anticipate not only high-quality services but also first-rate assistance if you choose the Neelkanth IVF centre.

    The Neelkanth IVF Centre has swiftly become the top choice for many people seeking fertility treatments because we offer unmatched attention and assistance to our clients. By offering them inexpensive solutions to stay comfortable throughout the journey, we work with intended parents to help them start families.

    Consult our IVF experts, who are highly skilled and knowledgeable.

    Our Services


    Male Fertility



    Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection



    Intra-Cytoplasmic Morphologically
    Selected Sperm Injection



    Oosight Spindle View



    Intra – Uterine Insemination


    Sperm Bank

    Spermtech Affiliated Sperm Bank


    Female Fertility



    In-Vitro Fertilization


    Blastocyst Culture Techniques

    Day 5 Culture Techniques



    Laser Assisted Hatching



    Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

    Lab Icon

    Embryo Bank

    Process of Freezing Embryos

    Our Technologies

    Advanced & modern technology plays a very important role in IVF lab which helps your embryologists to maintain a proper environment for the development of embryos. Incubators are the heart of the IVF lab. Here in Neelkanth IVF we have enough number of incubators by which we can provide the private chamber for embryos of each and every patient which helps embryos development without any deviation in atmosphere, temperature, humidity. Here in Neelkanth IVF we also provide most advanced techniques like IMSI, OSV & LAH which can be used to overcome many factors responsible for the failure of IVF.

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    Director's Message

    Dr. Ashish Sood

    She is the pioneer in the field of assisted reproduction in South Rajasthan with vast experience of 19+ years. She has brought IVF to the doorstep of South Rajasthan & has the credit of giving ”1st TEST TUBE BABY” of this region. The bigger motivation was to make IVF treatment easily accessible to the rural population at an affordable cost. She dared to think beyond the obvious and till date, Neelkanth Fertility Hospital has brought smiles to thousands of infertile couples. There is no measure or end point of success, in any field, so also with ART. It’s a journey to be travailed and the smiling faces of our patients have helped us to achieve success rate at par with international standards. For her contribution in the field of IVF she has been given the Times Health Achiever’s award and Women of Substance award.

    What Our Patients Say

    Jitendra Tripathi

    Best IVF with best infertility service with highly qualified team in JAIPUR. IVF, GYNECOLOGY, MEN’S CLINIC. Highly recommended to all needful couple. whotry to conceive since one year for better solution. be parents. Thank you.

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    Sanjay Singh

    We are happy by the experience that we got here in the hospital and by the staff. Everyone here is cooperative. Thank tou to the doctors here that we got the positive result.

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    Vineet Sharma

    I would highly recommend NEELKANTH JAIPUR, one of the best Ethical and Transparent protocol they have. 5 star to there Drs. and Staff. I personally recpmmend you to once visit NEEKANTH Jaipur.

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    If you are on a first visit, to & fro transport from the railway station, bus stop & airport to the hospital is available free of cost.
    Kindly inform the timing of your arrival one day prior on 6350613795, 9636328777
    Or toll free 1800-889-6477