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Effects of stress in Fertility & how to deal with it?

There are multiple factors causing infertility but one & most common these days is stress. There are various reasons for it:
• Financial stress.
• Professional stress.
• Psychological stress.
• Social stress.
• Disturbed life style stress.


Numerous researches have proved that stress affects hormonal balance in female, can affect endocrine glands, leads to menstrual irregularities, and also affects the weight leading to infertility.

Similarly stress affects negatively to male partner as well.

How to keep stress levels down & thus preventing its impact on one’s fertility?

• Make sure to get adequate sleep. 7-8 hour of sound sleep is recommended.
• Exercise daily, 45 minutes brisk walk daily. Obesity is a part of vicious cycle involving stress & infertility.
• Yoga/ meditation to keep mind calm.
• Balanced diet including plenty of fruits & vegetables. Avoid processed food, food with coloring agents, steroids, performance enhancing drugs, excessive alcohol etc.
• Psychological therapy & counceling.
• Exploring passion & interests to keep work stress at bay.