Platelets rich plasma therapy a recently evolved technology in ART which involves extraction of Platelets from patients own blood. Many couples who struggle to conceive after IVF treatments are given option of PRP therapy that later might helps restoring their fertility via

• Injecting PRP directly into ovaries “OVARIAN REJUVENATION TREATMENT” that helps women overcome premature menopause, low ovarian reserves and advanced maternal age in producing good quality oocytes.
• Similarly, intrauterine insemination of extracted PRP is thought to improve fertility treatment to help infertile women who have scarring’s from miscarriages or thin uterine linings. PRP can stimulate the development of new tissue, making the uterine lining grow better.
Many doctors believe that PRP can increase the success rate of IVF treatments. Doctors suspect that the failure of IVF treatments isn’t caused by the embryo, but the uterus.