Udaipur the lasting legacy of Mewar’s golden age is also known as the city of lakes.
It is also coming to be known as the IVF hub of India with Neelkanth Fertility & Women Care Hospital bringing much acclaimed success in the field of assisted reproduction.
Neelkanth Fertility & Women Care Hospital was the inception of Dr. Simi Sood who wanted to bring IVF to the doorstep of South Rajasthan started in 2007 & till this day brought smiles to thousands of infertile couples with its motto “Realizing the dream of motherhood“.


To appreciate how Neelkanth Fertility & Women Care Hospital can help you to conceive, its important to understand exactly what has to go right for conception to occur. Thats why we’ve put this website together ” to provide you with the best possible information on infertility, and assisted conception treatments. If you have particular questions that we don’t cover here, ask us and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Dr. Ashish Sood

Scientific Director

He is Scientific Director of Neelkanth Fertility Hospital is the backbone of our ART Center. His mission, according to his own admission is to spread awareness about infertility, fertility preservation and various scientific treatment options which would lead to patient-driven quality health care services in Rajasthan.

Dr. Simi Sood

Sr. Consultant Reproductive Medicine & Infertility

She is the pioneer in the field of assisted reproduction in South Rajasthan with vast experience of 19+ years. She has brought IVF to the doorstep of South Rajasthan & has the credit of giving ”1st TEST TUBE BABY” of this region. The bigger motivation was to make IVF treatment easily accessible to the rural population at an affordable cost. She dared to think beyond the obvious and till date, Neelkanth Fertility Hospital has brought smiles to thousands of infertile couples. There is no measure or end point of success, in any field, so also with ART. It’s a journey to be travailed and the smiling faces of our patients have helped us to achieve success rate at par with international standards. For her contribution in the field of IVF she has been given the Times Health Achiever’s award and Women of Substance award.

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17+ Years, 10,000+ Pregnancies

The team at Neelkanth Fertility and Women Care Hospital have put smiles on faces of numerous couple in our 16+ years of journey. We have one of the highest success rate. We have the best team of In house embryologists.

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First NABH Certified IVF center in Rajasthan

We are stand alone center in Rajasthan to have been awarded the NABH Pre-accrediation for best quality & patient care at our hospital. We are a state of ART IVF center fully equipped with latest technology & treatment in the field of assisted reproduction. We have a high success rate as well as carry home baby rate at par with the best IVF centers of the world.

Latest technology in the field of ART

We have the most advanced technology availabvle worldwide. We have best Closed working Modular Lab, Primo Vision- Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring System, ICSI with IMSI for best sperm selection, Spindle View for Oocyte, Laser Assisted Hatching, Advanced Sperm & Embryo freezing.