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Does IVF Increase Chances Of A Multiple Pregnancy?

IVF is a treatment where eggs & sperms are fertilized outside the uterus in laboratory & the embryos which are formed are transferred inside the uterus of female. To increase the probability of successful pregnancy, the practice is to transfer 2 or more than 2 embryos, resulting in multiple pregnancy. Chances of twins in normal pregnancy is ≈ 6% while with IVF reaches up to 25%.

What are different types of multiple pregnancy?

  • Identical twins: look alike & are of the same sex.
    • Fraternal twins: do not look alike & does not necessarily are of same sex.
    • Triplets & higher order e.g., quadruplets etc.
    Risk associated with multiple pregnancies:


  • To develop diabetes.
    • To develop hypertension.
    • Heavy bleeding due to placental abruption.
    • Preterm delivery.


  • Fetal loss.
    • Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR).
    • Due to preterm delivery increased cost of NICU admission & stay.
    • Developmental delay due to preterm delivery in extremely low birth weight babies.

How to identify multiple pregnancy?

  • Ultrasound examination.
    • Doppler heartbeat count.
    • High levels of HCG.
    • Increased morning sickness.
    • Chronic fatigue.
    • Increase in average pregnancy weight.
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