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The definition of pain for every individual is different. For some it is just a small prick & few are afraid of even sight of injection. Initiation of an IVF cycle starts with injection for the development of eggs. Patient from 2nd day of her periods needs to be injected with hormonal doses for at least 10-12 days, so that ovaries are stimulated to grow more mature eggs. These injections are mostly painless.


• During the stimulation process, when ovaries begin to enlarge, a lady may experience pain in lower abdomen & bloating sensation and in these cases we limit the dose of drugs & no. of eggs that grow. After 3-4 days of injections ultrasound examination is performed to assess the no and growth of follicles. In a well-controlled stimulation, lady does not feel much pain.
• Next step is egg retrieval: We remove the eggs from ovary through vagina using a long thin needle under USG guidance & under general Anesthesia so female doesn’t feel any pain.
• Final steps is ET usually after 3-5 days done after egg retrieval, the fertilized eggs now called embryos are transferred back into the uterus using plastic cannula. This procedure is painless but female may experience slight discomfort during insertion of vaginal speculum which is done under USG guidance.
• So, overall IVF is a multistep procedure, but mostly it is painless. However, slight discomfort is unavoidable during the process.