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Why has my fertility doctor prescribed so many tests?

Whenever you see a doctor, you are likely to hear from them “We need to do some tests” telling a doctor that you have not been able to conceive should evoke that response.

Actually tests are not the first step the doctor usually takes. The first step is usually a thorough medical history of the couple as well as an in depth review of their reproductive history. Most doctors have their own order for scheduling tests the common threat through all their regimes will be that the less expensive and non-invasive tests should be done first.

This reserves the more invasive, expensive and risky tests for later.

Once the history has been obtained the next safest & most cost effective part of the workup is the physical examination. There will be more emphasis on the pelvic examination, of course, and perhaps a vaginal USG.

Not all infertility specialist recommend the test in exactly the same order, you can expect some variation. The basic element of an infertility evaluation target ovarian function tubal and uterine anatomy, ability of sperm to reach the Fallopian tube & male factor.

Improvements in diagnosis & treatment technologies is changing the medical experience and your chance of success.

The efficiency & accuracy of the infertility workup is a key factor in developing the appropriate treatment plan to achieve your ultimate goal, a healthy baby.

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