Female Infertility

Blocked tubes are usually diagnosed with ultrasound, exploratory laparoscopic surgery, or hysteroscopy (where a thin camera places it through your cervix to look at your uterus).

The treatment for blocked fallopian tubes depends on where the blockage is and how severe it is. Women will be treated before embarking on her path to pregnancy to increase the chance of success.

If there is any scar tissue on the outside of the fallopian tube, laparoscopy surgery can be recommended for the removal of the same to reduce the obstruction.

If the blockage is more severe, (usually caused by a hydrosalpinx – STIs), the surgery may remove the affected part of the tube, drain any fluid and flush the tubes, to prevent the fluid from making its way back into the uterus.

As surgery doesn’t necessarily prevent tubes from blocking again, the most effective treatment to increase the chances of pregnancy is IVF.

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