Female Infertility

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which means a patient can have polycystic ovaries which can be diagnosed on an ultrasound scan. It can affect your fertility and make it difficult to conceive a child.

PCOS is now a very common problem a woman can have but she doesn’t know until unless she is trying to get pregnant or having any symptoms related to PCOS.


Symptoms include irregular menstrual cycle due to hormonal imbalance, abnormal hair growth (due to male hormone), acne or weight gain. Patients may also experience very high yet infrequent periods along with pain, bloating and tenderness.
Hormonal imbalances also affect the ovulation due to which there is a difficulty in conceiving.
It also causes problems with sugar metabolism, which leads to weight gain and a higher risk of gestational diabetes if you fall pregnant.
IVF treatment may be necessary in very difficult situations.