Female Infertility

Benign lumps of tissue which grow in the muscular part of the uterus are called fibroids. Upto 80% of women have at least one fibroid which increases with age which is very common nowadays.

Causes of fibroid are unknown till date, it just grows in the uterus and becomes more common as women get older.
Women suffering with fibroids generally do not show any symptoms at all. But if the fibroid becomes very large, it can cause significant period problems or pelvic discomfort.
The two situations where fibroids interfere with fertility are:
• When the fibroid is very large in size and it distorts the lining of the uterus.
• Where the fibroid is located inside the uterine cavity also called submucous fibroid.
In these two situations, surgery to remove the fibroid may be needed.

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