Female Investigations

Ultrasound became an important help for the diagnosis of infertility.

The main points are as follows:

• Demonstration of the pelvic organs (uterus, Fallopian tube, ovary) and vascular structures.
• Demonstration of growing ovarian follicles (Measurement of their numbers and sizes).
• Demonstration of intra-follicular structures (Cumulus oöphorus, Corpus luteum).
• Demonstration of cyclic uterine endometrial changes. Ultrasound plays a role in egg collection and replacement of the embryo.
Like regular ultrasounds, 3D and 4D ultrasounds use sound waves to create an image of your baby in your womb. What’s different is that 3D ultrasounds create a three-dimensional image of your baby, while 4D ultrasounds create a live video effect.

Doctors like 3D and 4D ultrasounds because they can show certain birth defects, such as cleft palate, that might not show up on a standard ultrasound.

Doppler ultrasound, which gives doctors a way to see what’s going on inside your body without X-rays or injections.

Instead, it turns sound waves into images. Your doctor can use it to check for issues with blood flow, such as clots in your veins or blockages in your arteries.