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Donor egg and its chances of pregnancy in IVF?

What do you mean by donor egg?
Donor egg is required when the infertile couple is diagnosed with:

• Premature ovarian failure.
• Menopause.
• Surgical menopause (Bilateral oophorectomy).
• Post cancer chemotherapy.
• Ovarian agenesis.
• Poor quality egg.
• Inherited genetic disease.
• Inadequate egg production.


• Finding a suitable egg donor:
– Young age preferably less than 30 yrs.
– Having at least one healthy child.
– Donor are investigated for viral markers, thalassemia profile & hereditary disorder in family.
• Donor is treated with hormonal injection to produce superovulation. Once donor eggs are ready, they are retrieved and fertilized with sperm of recipient husband.
• Meanwhile, recipient women is treated with hormones to prepare her for accepting the embryo.
• Embryo formed from donor egg and husband sperm are transferred to recipient uterus.
Success rate with donor egg depends on:
• Age of donor.
• Quality of egg.
• Endometrial preparations.
• Embryo transfer technique.
Donor egg offers a greater benefit to older couple by decreasing risk of miscarriage, reducing risk of chromosomal abnormalities.
Donor egg is a boon for female who are unable to conceive with their own eggs.

Great success rate in term of pregnancy.