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Endometrial Polyps

Endometrial polyps are small abnormal, fleshy growth of endometrium. It is basically a skin tag in lining of uterus. Some polyps can disappear after the menstrual period.


Endometrial Polyps can cause below problems;

• Inter-menstrual bleeding: Bleeding in between menses.
• Post-coital bleeding: Bleeding after sexual intercourse.
• Uterine cramps.
• Heavy menstrual bleeding.
• Vaginal discharge.
• Endometrial polyp may cause subfertility & interfere with embryo implantation. It can also cause spontaneous miscarriage during pregnancy.
Endometrial polyp are best diagnosed with TVD USG. The gold standard for looking at polyps is hysteroscopy

In 2% of cases, endometrial polyps can cause & hence it is very important to diagnose & treat polyps. Only treatment of polyps is surgical removal. Hysteroscopy is a procedure in which we go inside the uterus with a small camera.

Hysteroscopy not only helps in looking the polyp from inside of the uterus but also can assist in removal of the polyp by introducing special scissors through the hysteroscope.