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Endometrial Volume Can Be A Good Predictor In Assessing Endometrial Receptivity

What do you mean by endometrial receptivity?

Endometrial receptivity refers to a state when endometrium allows a blastocyst to attach, penetrate & induce changes in stromal which results in embryonic implantation.

Endometrial volume as receptivity markers?

Our study aims to obtain quantitative data on endometrial volume by 3D ultrasound at time of embryo transfer in an IVF program and to assess its value in predicting endometrial receptivity.
Current advances in trans-vaginal 3D ultrasound allows us to examine in detail and visualize pelvic organ structure and to analyze their volume with greater accuracy.
Ability to identify a receptive uterus prospectively by a non- invasive method would have a significant impact on treatment efficiency & success rate following assisted reproduction.
Endometrial volume is related to pregnancy & implantation rate.
Our study shows endometrial volume of >2.21 ml or above is a prerequisite for good endometrial receptivity. It is found to 87% sensitive, 87% specific in predictively positive clinical pregnancy.


Vaginal 3D ultrasound non- invasive ly inexpensive and provide us implantation whether embryo transfer to be done or cryopreserve embryos until endometrium receptive during a future cycle.

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