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Why Cannot Couple Conceive Second Time?

  • Age: An age & fertility in females decreases as number and quality of egg in ovary decreases.
    • Weight gain: Hormonal imbalance
    • Previous USG: Scar tissue.
    • Male: Testicular infection, cancer surgery, erectile dysfunction.
    • History of D&C, pelvic infection.
    • Medical problem: uncontrolled diabetes & hypertension.
    • Tubal factor: History of infection, history of D&C, tubal blockage, post LSCS.

When to visit fertility expert?
After trying to conceive for 6 months if you are older than 35 years or nearly one year if you are younger. It is recommended to visit fertility expert.

What next?
Couple need to be evaluated:
• History
• Physical examination of both partners
•Female: Evidence of ovulation, uterus imaging, check fallopian • tube patency & hormonal assay.
• Male: Semen Analysis, hormonal assay.

For Female:
• Ovulation induction with oral ovulogenes or injectable gonadotropin.
• Surgery if confirmation for fibroid, adhesion, blockage of tubes. Adv: Laparoscopy

For Male:
• Medical treatment if sexual disorder.
• Surgery in confirmation of varicocele or ejaculatory dysfunction

Treatment available:
• IUI: Intra Uterine Insemination.
• IVF: In- Vitro Fertilization.
• ICSI: Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection..
• Donor egg, donor sperm..
• Laser Assisted Hatching.
• Sperm retrieval technique.
• Pre-implantation genetic testing’.
Fertility treatments help couple to achieve a healthy and happy family. So visit fertility expert for medical support.


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