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Do’s & Don'ts after Embryo transfer

Do’s & Don'ts after Embryo transfer

The final & most important step of IVF is Embryo transfer. 14 days following ET are the most crucial as well as most stressful time.


Patient needs to take healthy & balanced diet. Diet which is rich in proteins, little less in carbohydrates, very rich in antioxidants e.g., fruits & green vegetables. Avoid eating outside to decrease risk of infection ensure.

Hydrate well
• Reduced water intake increases chances of urinary tract infection (UTI).
• It can decrease the chances of success.
2-3 liter of water every day is must.
• Avoid crowded places
To avoid infections like flu, viral fevers by going in crowded places.

Bed rest
Absolute bed rest is a NO. NO. You don’t have to go flat on bed all time. You can be in your house. Can go from one room to another, do simple household chores. Avoid lifting heavy objects, that’s the only precaution you need to take care of.

Read positive & mood elevating books. Avoid googling much.

Don’t take stress
Avoid negative people, negative circumstances, and negative thoughts. Don’t react to negative situations.


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